Hospitality Committee


Most Wednesday nights of the year, we have a fellowship dinner.  It’s a great way to enjoy the company of your Christian brothers and sisters.

Prices are:

$4.50 –  12 years and older
$4.00 – 60 years old +
$3.00 – 5 thru 11, Free – 4 and under
$15.00 – cap for the entire family
$2.00 – Kid’s Meal

The cost is inclusive for the meal, dessert, and beverage.  First time visitors eat free of charge.  Moms can skip cooking dinner one night a week and come have fun.  It’s a great time to enjoy dinner and fellowship with your Christian friends.

It also provides a ready-made meal for disadvantaged persons who may not be physically able to attend the church service/training session.  This is a voluntary ministry of the hospitality staff. If anyone is in need of this service they may contact those on this ministry team.